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Going Green does not always mean Keeping Trees

Trees can be both a boon and a bane. If taken care of properly, it boasts plenty of benefits. However, just like any other product of Mother Nature, they are also vulnerable to all kinds of diseases and damage. When other factors jeopardize the life surrounding these trees, we have to recalibrate our priorities. As much as we want to go green and surround ourselves with them, there is a time when we make the sacrifice for overall safety. When you are prepared to say goodbye to your tree/s, there’s only one solution: hire a reputable tree removal company! 

We decide whether a tree could be uprooted or cut down to a stump. Our team looks out, not only for the tree but also for everything surrounding the space. 


Need Help with Tree Removal? We Cover the Whole Nine Yards!

Before you consider removing it yourself – STOP! Only professional arborists can safely get a tree out without harming anything that surrounds it. We have a whole team of experts for the job! Voyage Tree Services provide the Tulsa community with arborist services that are proven safe and effective. As part of their duty, our arborists:

  • make a diagnosis to determine the proper removal method
  • recommend solutions based on your space and your situation
  • provide a tree removal estimate to keep you on your budget

Put an End to a Disaster Waiting to Happen

Indeed, trees are majestic, but their beauty can quickly turn into an inconvenience. Our emergency tree removal services help you get rid of trees that are detrimental to your property’s welfare. Safety is just a phone call away. 

Tree Cutting Service

5 D’s are for Dangerous Trees

Look out for warning signs that you need to bid goodbye to your trees. Sturdy trees are not forever. The health of them also declines as time flies. So if it does not seem the same anymore, have it checked for tell-tale signs of potential risks. 

  • Dead – When a tree is dead, it serves no other purpose than to take up space. They can literally become huge liabilities to your property. Spot a dead tree by the cracks and the color of the trunk.
  • Diseased – Trees are prone to fungi, viruses, and pests. It slowly eats up the tree, preventing it from performing its natural functions. You can identify whether a tree is sick when it has hols, mildew, and other atypical marks you do not usually see on your tree. 
  • Damaged – Storms, strong winds, and other accidents can cause a tree to break. When a once upright tree starts to lean, move ahead of the curve and call a tree company immediately before it becomes more damaged or causes damage itself.
  • Disruptive – We all aspire for a beautiful landscape, and trees are the most noticeable sight on your yard, garden, or any piece of land. It creates a comforting space, but when it no longer provides the same appeal, you can have it removed to increase your productivity and property value. 

Don’t bark up the wrong tree – Call Voyage Tree Services at 918-205-8028!

Please schedule a consultation with our tree doctors to know more about the best practices we can apply to bid adieu to your tree. Do not think twice about your safety. Get in touch!

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