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Your ‘Voyage’ to Beautiful and Healthy Trees Starts with Us!

Your tree upkeep should be part of your priorities. It should be classified under your necessities. While it might seem as lavish to spend your dough on the beautification of nature’s finest, but it gives more than just visual appeal. Learn more about the benefits and lean on our local tree service company to get started on your journey to a better landscape.


  • Have you been delaying tactics on getting a tree removal done to your space? 
  • Crossed out this task from the top of your list? 
  • Deemed tree trimming as an additional expense?

Do not underestimate the power of a spruced up scenery. It can massively increase the value of your property. Still, it also holds an impact on the health and safety of those inhabiting the area.


We Go Out On a Limb for You and Your Trees!

Voyage Tree Service Tulsa helps you improve and maintain your landscape. As your partners towards a better environment, we use our expertise to provide a range of services to the bustling city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

We are active proponents of safe and effective methods that keep the integrity of your trees and preserve the beauty of your surroundings. Trust us to do the job while minimizing potential damage to your space, whether it be a public, residence, or commercial space. 

Hiring us to take care of your trees is the most convenient step you could take. Like every other living thing, Our professionals are dedicated to bringing you results-based methods that have been tried and tested by years of experience. 

They undergo training and updates with fresh ideas and innovation. Clients are always guaranteed to get top-notch, five-star treatment. While we still keep the same home-grown values and principles, we still keep up to date with modern methods and progressive approaches. 

Our Tree Doctors Solves Your Problems

Shaping Your Surroundings to Perfection with our Tree Services

Our list might not be the longest, but we do every job remarkably. We are sticklers for perfection! We don’t leave any stone unturned until we see a smile on our customer’s faces. Our services can transform your space and increase their property value. Whether you need to embrace your trees or to get rid of them, we are the team for the task! Call us if you need help with the following:

·      Tree Removal

·      Tree Trimming

·      Stump Grinding

Want to know more about what we do and how we do it? Call Voyage Tree Services at 918-205-8028!

We won’t beat around the bush – We are the best in the business!

The tree business is a high-risk job, and it involves one of nature’s great forces. Tackling something larger than life cannot be left in the hands of amateurs. Have you ever searched google for a “tree service near me” only to be underwhelmed with the random company you chose? Consider this as your lucky day because we are not your ordinary local company! 

  • We value your safety by giving bringing the right tools, gear, and heavy-duty equipment 
  • We value your time by delivering solutions based on a specific schedule and time-frame.
  • We value your money by providing one of the most affordable tree services in the area.

You can stop the cherry-picking because we have come across a company worthy of your trust! Promise, we won’t disappoint! 

Tree Service

Certified, Insured, Licensed Arborists At Your Service!

Trees extend many more benefits other than just its beauty. It only fits that they are well taken care of. Because of their gargantuan size and elaborate form, taking on it alone becomes a tall order. 

News flash! You do not have to do it on your own. You have visited the right page! 

Our vision is to articulate our clients’ need for an evergreen environment. We pull off every task with as much depth and breadth of our expertise. Our commitment to serving Tulsa, Oklahoma, knows no limit. Join us as we envision an ever-blooming habitat, one place at a time!

Removing trees should not be a DIY venture. Even if you would want full control over what you own, including shrubs, it might not be the best action to take, more so if you are not versed in the arborist’s tale. Let the professionals deal with it — call us! 

Let Our Ratings Speak for Our Company’s Success

We consider this more than just a money-making endeavor. Our dedication to the environment is reflected in numerous successful projects under our belts. We count our fortune not only on how high our profit is, but on the number of happy and satisfied households, offices, and other clients. Our procedure might look the same with every other tree company, but what sets us apart is our keen regard for our client’s visions and preferences. We do not merely serve; we collaborate! We put our clients first!

When you ask Tulsa residents for referrals, you are bound to come across the name ‘Voyage’! Our authenticity is one of our best traits. Our dedication is not half-baked, and your client’s witness our effort from the get-go. When we accept a job, we dive deep into our resources, knowledge, and skills so that you get every bit of your money’s worth.

Tree Removal Tulsa

Let’s Talk – Give Us a Ring at 918-205-8028!

By all means, hit us up with all your questions about what we do and how you can experience our service! Our representatives accommodate every request and answer every inquiry with pleasure! Just dial the number above to get things rolling!

Our lines are always open to comments, suggestions, and even criticism, as this helps us further improve our craft. If you want to share your thoughts or want to be enlightened on a particular tree topic, drop us a line!

Our rates are one of the most competitive in the industry, and we can provide free estimates for the service you need. 

The price plays a significant factor in your decision-making. We want to assure you that we never charge an arm and a leg! You’ll be pleased to know that our affordable tree removal rates, come with excellent quality at your disposal!

Request an Estimate from our Affordable Tree Service

5 Steps Towards a New and Improved Landscape

It only takes a few steps to reach your desired results:

  1. Call 918-205-8028
  2. Provide us the details of your concern, location, and service to avail.
  3. Ask for our services.
  4. Schedule on the most convenient date for both sides
  5. Wait for us to arrive at your doorstep, yard, garden, or wherever!

It’s that simple! What are you waiting for? If you have been eyeing that Pinterest-worthy landscape, let’s start with your trees! Let’s talk about how our company can help make that happen!

A Healthy Surrounding Means Healthy Living

A damaged or dead tree is potentially harmful to your property and those who reside in it. In the case of calamities, they can impose damage and injuries when it hits the ground. Aside from this, the property value is affected by the health of its trees and foliage.

When you plan to sell your property or just moving into a new space, keep an eye out for potentially destructive trees, and have them removed before they cause harm. Don’t wait until they cause damage beyond repair. 

We offer services that lay preventive measures, locking in your safety in the long run. If you are not sure whether a tree needs to get trimmed or removed altogether, out arborists can help out in reaching the best direction to take for your space. 

Tree Service Tulsa Tackles Diverse Cases

There are many factors to consider when hiring a tree company:

  • Location
  • Price
  • Reviews
  • Services List
  • Certification 
  • Insurance
  • Licenses

Most companies offer everything above – we it better. Stumping our competition with our expertise, and most of all, with our care and concern for every client. A project is done not only with a full understanding of the job at hand but also with five-star treatment as if it was our own trees.

Lawn Cleaning Tulsa

Easy as One, Two, Tree!

We have secured all resources, tools, and workforce to make every process problem-free! But the defining characteristics that make customers stick with us is our hands-on and personalized approach. Voyage gives special attention to your specific needs. Our team of professionals can customize the services based on the type of property you have and the kind of tree involved. 

Every job is unique, every tree is unique, every zone is unique, and every customer has unique preferences. Versatile and flexible arrangements can be made to cater to every kind of requirement. Your journey to a beautiful, healthier and long-lasting trees and greeneries starts here.

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